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Pressure On The Glass Cosmetic Bottles

The past, cosmetic packaging market, glass cosmetic bottles market lead. Now, with the development of the market, especially the emergence of plastic cosmetic bottles of acrylic, similar in appearance to a glass cosmetic bottles, price advantages, glass cosmetic packaging market by the big squeeze. Moreover, professional manufacturer of plastic cosmetic bottles on the market has come up, in the area, shangyu, Zhejiang has also seen major cosmetic manufacturers of industrial cluster. These appeared in the rising of the professional manufacturers of plastic cosmetic bottles look and technology and other aspects of competitiveness. By contrast, not many professional manufacturers of domestic glass cosmetic bottles but scattered. It can be said that glass cosmetic bottles from the process to the various aspects in recent years has not greatly improved.

Cosmetic glass bottles to re-occupy a better position on the market, must be carried out on existing packaging promotion. To reduce costs, process improvements, more attractive appearance for the diversity of market selection, to respond to market challenges.

Glass cosmetic bottles related manufacturers should strengthen exchanges and collaboration, continuous improvement, the only way to deal with external challenges.

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