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What Are The Different Types Of Cosmetics Bottles?
Cosmetics bottles come in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes seen in cosmetics bottles are cylindrical, oval, and rectangular, but some sport unique shapes. Most cosmetics bottles...
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About Hangzhou Jaunce Industrial Co.,Ltd.Who we are?

Our company specialize in cosmetic packaging manufacture for more than 10 years, 

Now we have 1 factory for glass cosmetic packaging, the capacity can be 200,000pcs/day;

                       1 factory for plastic cosmetic packaging, the capacity can be 50,000pcs/day;

We had passed ISO9000/14000 certification, can provide SGS inspection report and MSDS for our products.

Our customer including L'oreal, Aupres, Osmun, Maysu, Marubi, and so on…

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